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A Better Way To Live - Full Service

November 21, 2020 | Steve Madsen

Not only does our love FOR each other reveal us to be His disciples, our actions identify and reveal our love FOR Him. The world is watching our actions way more than they are listening to our preaching. With that, the world is expecting those who claim the name of Christ to BE LIKE Christ.

Is that you? 

Join Pastor Steve Madsen for A Better Way To Live, the final sermon of the series.

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We approach every situation in one way ... or another. "This way or that way."And if we are being honest, more often than not we choose ... OUR way. The way that makes the most sense to us; the way we think we know; the way someone we respect or admire would recommend; the "right" way. Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus approach everything we experience through a different lens. His lens. An inverted way. A different way. A better way.

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