Cornerstone Fellowship is a non-denominational church and our mission is to develop missional community compelled by the words and actions of Jesus.

Statement of Faith

We believe in Jesus. He is the creator of the universe. He, along with the Father and Holy Spirit, combine the fullness of the only God in existence.

We believe that love is the essential nature of Jesus. Every other value of Jesus is an attribute of love. His nature was demonstrated in the way He lived, His death on a cross and in His resurrection back to life.

We believe that Jesus is 100% divine and 100% human.

 We believe the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (the Gospels) are reliable eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ life, and that they give us plenty of  information about His words and actions to draw firm conclusions about who Jesus is, what His values are and what that means for our lives. And that His life is the perfect representation of the nature of God.

 We believe that all the Bible is a gift from God to us, written by dozens of human authors thousands of years ago, inspired and preserved by the Holy Spirit, and when interpreted with the proper context can help us understand Jesus more. 

 We believe the principal command that Jesus gave us is to love others. Obeying this one command is the manifestation of our love for God and it perfectly fulfills the intention of the commands in the Hebrew Scriptures as well as all the instructions in the New Testament. 

 We believe that all people are created in the image of God, that all people have equal worth and value, and that Christ died for all people. We believe that God’s radically inclusive love excludes no one. 

 We believe that every human, to varying degrees, is inclined to do what is harmful to other people or even to themselves. When any of us do this we are not loving well, which is the definition of sin. 

 We believe the Holy Spirit is active and present today. The Holy Spirit serves as Jesus’ presence in our lives, to help us know and experience God’s love for us now and to help us love others well.

 We believe that Jesus has an enemy, who goes by many names in scripture but is most referred to as Satan. This being is a powerful spiritual enemy who is at work in our world to move us to actions that oppose love. 

 We believe that Jesus began the process of the kingdom of heaven coming to earth with the intention of restoring the earth to be in full alignment with his nature of love. 

 We believe that Jesus has commissioned us to join Him in His restorative work of bringing heaven to earth. 

 We believe that one day Jesus will return to bring to completion His restorative plan, and at that time heaven and earth will join together completely under the authority of Jesus as king. From then on, all who submit to Jesus’ way of love, will experience that love in its fullness at every moment for all eternity.

 We believe that eternity is already in session. We experience portions of heaven when we, or those around us, love well. And we experience portions of hell when we, or those around us, don’t love well. 

 We believe there is mystery in all of these things. We have a finite understanding of the things of God and the universe God created, so we hold these beliefs with humility and open-mindedness. We believe it is essential to be a church where it is safe to disagree about important things and remain united in Jesus.

Cornerstone Fellowship is a local church. We seek to be a place where people of diverse backgrounds can meet to worship God and study the Bible in a relaxed environment. We exist to help people like you take your next step with Jesus. We hope this can be a place where you grow spiritually, gain lifetime friendships, and find your unique place of ministry and service. We want you to be able to call Cornerstone home.