Welcome! We want to do whatever we can to help you, your family, friends, and community experience Jesus and live a life on mission with each other. The way forward is together!

We invite you to JOIN US at one of our upcoming gatherings!
Our weekly gatherings can vary (location and time). 

9/3/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
9/10/23 - Neighborhood Church
9/17/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
9/24/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
10/1/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
10/8/23 - Neighborhood Church
10/15/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
10/22/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am
10/29/23 - Alcosta Community Center - 10:00am

Alcosta Community Center 
9300 Alcosta Boulevard
San Ramon, 
CA 94583

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We’ll gather to share a meal, growing deeper through conversation while partnering with each other and God to pursue the needs and mission within our very own neighborhoods. Our next Neighborhood Church will be October 8th! Check back for sign ups soon!


A lot is going on throughout our community and ministries! Click on one of the upcoming events below to learn more, or click on the Calendar link for the monthly view.


Mental health is in the headlines daily, and as a church, we need to be in the conversation. Jesus cared for many who struggled with mental health, and His example of caring, supporting, and healing is one we can and should follow. In a recent sermon series, we started the conversation about: addiction, grief, co-dependency, anxiety, and depression.

Our hope and prayers are that anyone who is or knows someone who is struggling with mental health, including mental illness, can find the support and resources they need to obtain hope, health, and healing. A list of resources has been compiled to help this journey. 


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Meet the Staff

Elisha Bongay

Elisha serves as the San Ramon Valley Area Pastor and Worship Leader. She attended Berkeley College of Music and has been on staff with Cornerstone since 2016. Her passion is to help people experience Jesus through worship just as she did when she gave her life to Christ through a worship set back in 2001. Elisha LOVES and ADORES her kids, Gavin and Camille, is always up for a soy chai latte and loves Tahoe. 

Contact Elisha at elishab@cornerstoneweb.org 


Jake Rexroad

Jake serves as the San Ramon Valley Youth Pastor. He has been on staff with Cornerstone since 2016. Jake is studying at Liberty University and is majoring in Biblical Studies and Theology. He loves being a part of watching students fall in love with Jesus during these challenging years of their lives. Jake also bets that you won’t find one kind of food that he doesn’t like and that he loves Marvel movies more than you do.

Contact Jake at jaker@cornerstoneweb.org 


Jeannie Yi

Jeannie serves as the Admin Team Lead at CF San Ramon Valley.  She has been on staff since September 2019.  She is married to Joe and has two amazing boys, Micah and Caleb.  She is passionate about encouraging and building up those around her.  She loves chatting over meals, drinking tea, traveling, painting, and being a MOM!

Contact Jeannie at jeanniey@cornerstoneweb.org