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FAQ'S - as of 4/14/20 at 5pm PST

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UPDATE AS OF 3/17/20 at 3:00pm PST

Hi Church,
We had an amazing weekend online! We heard back from so many of you about how well you were able to connect with the service. We had at least 6,700 people attend one of our three services which is more people participating in total than we would have on a normal weekend! Let’s keep this level of participation going, even trying to increase it, as we invite our neighbors to join in online, especially while we’re spending so much time at home. We are looking forward to another great weekend online!
With the “shelter in place" orders in effect, all of our locations are closed. We will not be gathering in our buildings for the next 6-8 weeks. We will continue to monitor and communicate with you as new developments arise. Please visit our website for the most up to date information. 

Our Care team is currently working to build resources and online groups to provide support, care and prayer for anyone in need. We see you and we care about you. Stay tuned for more information later this week regarding specific details. 

We are encouraging all Community Groups to figure out ways to connect via Zoom, Skype, Facebook or other online or phone services that will allow you to gather together as a group to pray together, stay connected and discuss the sermon with each other. Please email us for technical help on how to do this.
If you are healthy and up for it, we encourage you to check on your neighbors and see if there are any ways you can serve them or pray for them. This is our time to shine as servants of all.

Our team is praying for you every day. We hope you use the extra time you have at home, perhaps in solitude, to cry out to the Lord in prayer for health, provision and a powerful movement of the Spirit that draws the world INTO the heart of God in a way that brings the restoration that we’ve been working for. We are here for each other.

Love you all,

Chris Stockhaus
Executive Pastor