Groups: Co-ed - IN HIS WORD (Grimes)


Livermore Co-ed Tuesday

We meet at the Livermore Campus in room 115 (the Beach) from 7-9pm.

Our community group - IN HIS WORD - is a multi-ethnic, dual gender group for all adult ages. Our group has more of a scholarly bent to it that leads us to study an in depth biblical topic that typically engages the group in an educated discussion.

The current topic is, "The Real God", an examination of who God is based off the characteristics he presents to us in scripture.

Our group is fun and easy going and sees itself as a circle of friends that are free to discuss their personal issues if they need to. We encourage each other in our spiritual growth and whole heartily welcome others to join whether they have been Christians for a long time or are new to the faith.

To find out more about our next group meeting, please fill out the inquire form below. Everyone is welcome!

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Updated 9/19