Groups: Biblical Personal Finance (Myung)


Livermore Common Interests Sunday

This Community Group meets every other Sunday afternoon. This group is for people whose next step with Jesus is aligning their finances with biblical principles.

This group is targeted to those who want to be good stewards of the finances God has entrusted them with and those who are living in times of plenty and want to pursue generous giving.

The goal of this group will be to explore and grow toward the following: 1) Going beyond Dave Ramsey's first few baby steps (emergency fund, debt snowball, save 3 to 6 months of expenses) and focusing on the later steps (retirement, college, pay off mortgage, build wealth and give). 2) Setting yourself up for early financial independence to allow you to pursue missions or whatever God would call you to. 3) Becoming more generous with giving. 4) Learning to be a good steward and generous with the "other 90%". 5) Doing our part and then not worrying about money. 6) Learning how to filter financial advice from people selling you things. 7) Passing along good information to your children. Discussion topics to include setting financial goals, giving, budgeting, debt, investing, taxes, social security and retirement, college savings, and insurance.

This group will be voluntarily led by a Chartered Financial Analyst, volunteer VITA tax preparer, and former Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial coach. We will discuss practical financial topics from a Christian worldview, but is not intended to be professional investment advice.

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Updated 6/2019