Groups: Omni Fitness Ministry (Bethea)


Livermore Common Interests Saturday

Cornerstone Fellowship is partnering with Omni Fight Club's fitness ministry. They are offering a monthly workout to celebrate & learn about health in the body of Christ through fitness.

Each workout is guided by modern worship songs and every movement will be thoughtfully coached. Everyone will be encouraged to go at their own pace, so this is designed for all levels, even beginners. Learn the importance of caring for God's most neglected gift, your body.

3rd Saturday of the month 12:30pm to 2pm

Omni Fight Club Livermore

1959 Second St.

Livermore, CA 94551

Space is limited so pre-registration is required!

Register via the OMNI Fight Club site below for the upcoming workout!

Register Here

If you plan to utilize our free daycare, please reserve your child(ren)'s spot by text:

(925) 231-6009