Answer Tough Questions

Being able to answer all of the questions in your small group is not necessary. What is necessary is being honest.

Ask good questions

Asking good questions is one of the most important skills a group leader can develop.

Community Group Agreement
A Discussion Guide for the Leader

As a Community Group, it is beneficial to be on the same page. These talking points will allow you, the leader, to set a good foundation for the future of your Community Group. Take time to review these points as you get started and use it as a guide if your Group gets off track at any time.

Community Group Agreement 

Leading Difficult Discussions

There are four key elements to be mindful of when leading difficult and/or controversial discussions.

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care at cornerstone

The Care ministry at Cornerstone Fellowship exists for those seeking restoration through hope, help and healing with Jesus. Their team wants to come alongside those that are seeking recovery, support, counseling and other care needs. As a Community leader, we wanted to highlight a few of the various ways in which you can refer individuals to contact our Care ministry.