Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We look forward to serving you as you prepare for this very special occasion. We believe God established the union of marriage to be a lifelong covenant. We offer premarital counseling and tools as a part of our commitment to the success of your marriage.

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Premarital Info

The Covenant of Marriage

We believe God established the union of marriage between a man and a woman to be a sacred, life-long covenant. God gives a wife to a husband and a husband to a wife, and they are to receive one another as God’s unique and personal gift. (Genesis 2:18: Genesis 2:22-24)

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

At the deepest level, Christian marriage is a covenant of faith and the closest human relationship possible. Jesus is intentionally invited to be a witness to your covenant of love and should remain at the center of your relationship as you grow in your love for one another over a lifetime.

Premarital Services

Premarital Mentoring
Cornerstone Fellowship is committed to the success of your marriage. Our premarital mentoring will enhance your engagement and marriage through God’s Word. Completing this program requires a commitment to make it a priority, schedule the time required and complete the work with integrity. Our mentoring ministry includes:

  • Pastoral Interview
  • Prepare and Enrich Couples Inventory
  • All printed materials and books
  • Minimum of eight sessions with a premarital mentor couple
  • Six-month follow-up with your mentor couple

Our desire is to serve you by providing a biblical foundation for building a strong and lasting marriage according to God’s Word.

The Process

  1. Contact Care to complete a premarital intake and determine the availability of premarital mentoring
  2. If a Cornerstone pastor will be officiating the wedding ceremony, you will be asked to contact the pastor for a Pastoral Interview.
  3. A premarital mentor couple will be assigned to you for a minimum of eight sessions of premarital mentoring.  After the wedding, your mentor couple is available to encourage and support you through the first year of marriage.

The Fee

  1. Our premarital mentoring fee is $125.00.
  2. Pastor honorarium is not included in the premarital mentoring fee.  The honorarium is a separate payment to the pastor.  For a suggested honorarium amount, please ask during the intake.

Contact  for any questions or more information.