All Church Response to COVID-19


Our East Bay needs us right now.  The opportunity to show our love for our neighbors is abundant and we want to help you find ways to show it! 

SCROLL DOWN to view the volunteer needs and opportunities listed by all campus opportunities AND campus locations. Email with any questions.

Please note: As we are made aware of volunteer needs and opportunities, we will post them here so bookmark this page and check back regularly! 

If you are a local non-profit or in need of help, email

All Campus Opportunities
Random acts of Kindness teams

Join a team that wants to do just that - do a "random act of kindness" for someone in our community!  Get notified via email of a need and if you have the time and/or resources to "act", then go for it!  

Examples of "random acts" include donating a box of food to a single parent or senior, sending a note of encouragement to someone in the hospital, or collecting blankets for our homeless community.  We also share last-minute "shout-outs" when local non-profits are short on volunteers.  



We have opened up the Response to COVID-19 fund. These resources will be used to help our church manage the burden COVID-19 has placed on our staff, all of you who call Cornerstone home, as well as be able to come alongside our East Bay neighbors with timely help. Click on the button below to give. 

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Livermore Campus 

We have a volunteer that is packing 200-250 lunches for the homeless community in Livermore each month - When we were meeting on campus, we packed these the first Sunday of the month!  We are in need of items for these sack lunches to be filled!  Click here for the amazon wish list of items. These will be ongoing monthly needs - please help us provide consistent food for these folks!

If you or someone you know has one to donate, our homeless ministry is in need of a chest freezer.  Email if you can help!  

Help our local homeless community have a warm meal (regular meal programs in the Tri-Valley have been reduced).  Cornerstone volunteers, use the donated gift cards to purchase meals and deliver directly to those in need.

Special Instructions:
Purchase a Gift Card
When completing your purchase, under "Gift Card Details", enter in the "To" box. 


Let’s provide a way for our homeless neighbors to stay connected to family and other important contacts. By providing solar chargers for their cell phones, we can help meet their physical needs (i.e. making doctor appointments) as well as their needs to fight loneliness and stay emotionally healthy and safe.  With so many programs still closed, many of our homeless neighbors are unable to charge their devices. 

You can help by purchasing one of the 280 solar chargers needed to help our homeless neighbors throughout the East Bay!
Order here  (This is less than $30 through Amazon.)
During check-out, when selecting a shipping address, please choose “Homeless Neighbors”.

All Access Volunteer Needs - 
Tutoring and mentoring under-resourced students in Oakland

Monday thru Wednesday, from 2:30-6pm, there is an opportunity to assist students in learning pods to stay on track with school work. For more info to serve visit 

There is current need for mentors, checking in weekly (digitally) with students 2nd grade thru High School, setting goals and helping them stay on track academically.  There is also need of tutors for the same age range, specifically from 8-12noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  To get involved, please email and let them know you are from Cornerstone!

Food Pantry Volunteers
Weekday volunteers are needed to help prep and pass out food boxes at South Hayward Parish.

Call 510-785-3663 for more information and to sign up.

Brentwood Campus 

Join our Random Acts of Kindness Team to stay in informed!  Interested in helping coordinate ways for our church community to serve during this time? 

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Walnut Creek Campus 
Refuge Food Pantry

Parkhaven Church is helping meet the local grocery needs of families and volunteers are needed to help run their food pantry each Tuesday afternoon.  Click on the button below to pre-register. 
and pass out to your neighbors! 

Special Instructions:  
- Each volunteer must register individually. 
- Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
- Volunteers who do not live in the same house are asked NOT to carpool so that proper social distancing rules are followed.
- Only people who have pre-registered to serve will be allowed on campus. 
- Please arrive by your posted time, and park in the center sections of the parking lot, or in a spot against the church wall. 


Monument crisis food drive

Donate non-perishable food to Monument Crisis as they help families, seniors, and the homeless community with food boxes. As local demand increases, so does the amount of food donations.

Drop Off Information:
1990 Market Street, Concord
You can also text MCC to 41-444 if you would like to donate without leaving your home.  

Danville Campus 

Join our Random Acts of Kindness Team to stay in informed!  Interested in helping coordinate ways for our church community to serve during this time? 

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Gift CardS for Local Students

Together, we can help our local under-resourced students address their food scarcity concerns.  The district social workers will be distributing gift cards to the individual families.  

Special Instructions:
Click on the button below to purchase cards between $20-$50 through Amazon.  When completing your purchase, under "Gift Card Details", enter in the "To" box.  

Purchase a Gift Card

    Hayward Campus 

    Join our Random Acts of Kindness Team to stay in informed!  Interested in helping coordinate ways for our church community to serve during this time? 

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    Email with any questions.