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Humble Servant Risen King - Post-Easter Celebration Guide

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This week, take time to celebrate, reflect, and worship our Resurrected Servant-King Jesus, and share what God did and said to everyone in your group.

Eat Together: Depending on the time of day and group dynamics, share a meal, or some delicious desserts. If you do a full meal, you can ask someone to create the main dish, and everyone else can bring a supporting side dish. Or you can order take-out, and everyone can chip in for the costs. (Be sure to ask the group about allergies or dietary restrictions.)

Something to Share: What was something new that you learned, or a good reminder, about the Death & Resurrection of Jesus? Are there any common themes in what we heard from God this weekend? How is God leading our group to respond?

Taking Your Next Step With Jesus: In light of what you learned, or what you were reminded of, what is God saying to you about what you need to START, STOP, or CONTINUE as you follow Jesus?

Something to Share: Give everyone a marker and a few pieces of 3x5 sized paper, and give everyone 2 minutes to write a word or a phrase that expresses who God has shown himself to be through his Death & Resurrection. After 2 minutes, allow everyone to share what they wrote down and what it means. Post everyone’s responses somewhere visible.



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