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Welcome to Brentwood Students

Cornerstone Students exists to help Middle School and High School students take their next step with Jesus. We offer several ways for that to happen, starting with our weekend services. We also encourage your students to get involved in a Community Group during the school year to help them connect with other students their age and leaders who are dedicated to serving them.  

Sunday Morning Services 

Middle School and High School meet in the Student Center at the Brentwood Campus located across from the main building. 


Sunday Morning Service time

Middle School and High School meet at 11 am

Midweek Service Times

Middle school: Tuesday at 7 pm 
High School: Thursday at 7 pm 


Community Groups 

  Getting students connected in Community Groups is a way that students can get to know each other, be lead and mentored by our trained leaders, and strengthen their relationship with God. We meet throughout the week at different times and can't wait to get to know you better. 

Join a Community Group by contacting the pastor:

Middle School:   
 High School:   

Any Questions?
Contact our Students Pastors