Serve with us 

Each week at Cornerstone Fellowship, hundreds of people just like you give their time to serve.  Whether it’s helping kids learn about Jesus on their level in CFKids, greeting first-time guests, or getting involved in serving in your community, every volunteer at Cornerstone Fellowship is making a difference!

God has created each of us with different gifts, passions and abilities to make up the body of his Church (1 Corinthians 12).  

At Cornerstone we value helping everyone find a serving opportunity that is a great fit for them, not just to feel a need. Here are some great ways to find your Fit at Cornerstone.

What's My Fit Assessment 

Not sure where to start? Take this quick assessment designed to help you learn more about yourself and identify where you might consider serving at Cornerstone.

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Whats My Fit Class 

Join the two-day class to help discover how you can use your gifts to better serve those around you. 

Upcoming Dates 

Serving Opportunities

We want to be able to help you find your best fit in serving here! Would you like to meet with someone to help you find your best fit?  


Ready to see current serving opportunities in Cornerstone?
 Listed below are serving opportunities that may suit your personality and availability.