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Wear your shorts and flip-flops, or your Sunday best; we’re not a church that worries about how you look on the outside.

We meet you where you are, whether you’ve been attending church your whole life or you’re brand new to this whole thing.

Our weekend services are designed to take us deeper into the truth of Jesus through amazing music and preaching.

Some of the stuff we cover on the weekends will be serious, sometimes even heavy, but we also like to think that Jesus had a good sense of humor. Come prepared to learn from biblically-based teaching, with a little bit of Pastor Steve’s raw sense of humor thrown in the mix.

Grown-up church services aren’t fun when you’re a kid, that’s why we have a special place just for them!

Your children are important to us, that’s why Cornerstone Kids creates a safe and fun place for your kids to hang out with other kids while learning to live like Jesus, too.

We help people develop authentic, meaningful relationships by meeting throughout the week in smaller groups.

It’s easy to feel alone in the crowd. We believe the best way to become more like Jesus is through authentic relationships with each other. We do this through Life Groups, small communities of people who love each other and who make up our larger community.

Jesus is on a mission to restore this dysfunctional world. We, as the Church, are His main instruments to bring that restoration.

Through the generosity and volunteerism of people like you, Cornerstone is able to serve people suffering from poverty, abuse, human trafficking, hunger, severe medical issues and much more.

We know you might be hurting too, that’s why we have people here who are committed to care for you.

Life isn’t always easy, we know this all too well. But, we’re committed to help you through your darkest times in hopes that we can experience your happiest times with you too.

We’re one church in many locations and we can’t wait to meet you.

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