The Bible Academy

The Bible Academy seeks to serve the body of Christ by providing classes and mentored ministry opportunities that are designed to help everyone grow and mature in Christ. Everyone will benefit from a deeper and more profound look into the foundations of the Christian worldview as we explore the Scriptures to discern the person and nature of God, the fundamentals of a biblical worldview, the nature of the Kingdom of God, the history of the Church, the Mission of the Church, and the state of global Christianity. So whether you are new to the Faith, or have followed Christ for many years, The Bible Academy has classes that will meet your needs and challenge you to grow.

The formal Certificate in Ministry program is specifically geared to train the next generation of lay and volunteer servants and leaders. The program consists of a series of courses and guided ministerial experience which can be completed in as little as two years. We are sure that those who complete this program will be enriched and equipped to serve the body of Christ more effectively. Refer to The Bible Academy Course Catalog for more information.