JHM: Junior High Ministry

Meeting Times

Saturdays: 6pm, Event Center
Sundays: 9am, Event Center
Midweek: 7-8:30pm, Life Group Homes

Weekend Services:
JHM services are a place where students can get together with their friends and cross over into the radical ways of Christ.  It's here that we worship, build friendships, and focus on relevant topics for today's youth through God's word and have what should be an illegal amount of fun.

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Current Series


This month, we'll be starting a new series called All In. For five weeks, the whole church will exploring what it means to be generous as apprentices of Jesus Christ and to do so, we'll be looking at the words of Jesus himself. Through the All In series, our desire is for students to grow closer to God than ever before, clearly understand Cornerstone's God-given vision, and encourage each other to take a step forward in giving. We will be going All In for our families, neighbors, and world. We're excited to see how God continues to use students for His glory as they make the decision to go All In.