JHM: Junior High Ministry

Meeting Times

Saturdays: 6pm, Event Center
Sundays: 9am, Event Center
Midweek: 7-8:30pm, Life Group Homes

Weekend Services:
JHM services are a place where students can get together with their friends and cross over into the radical ways of Christ.  It's here that we worship, build friendships, and focus on relevant topics for today's youth through God's word and have what should be an illegal amount of fun.

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Current Series

Cooties To Cuties
Since the beginning of time, every individual has fallen under its spell. No one is really sure when it starts or exactly what causes it. Scientists have determined that it has something to do with a combination of springtime and the junior high age, but don’t know much more beyond that. It’s when that guy or girl in your class mysteriously transitions from a potential cootie outbreak, to a down right cutie. Throughout the month of March, JHM is going to look at the transition from Cooties to Cuties, and see what God has to tell us about healthy relationships.

Important note to parents: We are always fully behind you on your decisions regarding your child and dating. The purpose of this series is to come alongside you and support you in those decisions. Our hope is that we would be able to provide your students with a godly perspective on relationships and challenge them to live that out. From a personal perspective, I don’t think any Junior High student should be more than friends with the opposite gender. 

Thanks for letting us partner with you in caring for your student!

-Becky Fitch