JHM: Junior High Ministry

Meeting Times

Saturdays: 6pm, Event Center
Sundays: 9am, Event Center
Midweek: 7-8:30pm, Life Group Homes

Weekend Services:
JHM services are a place where students can get together with their friends and cross over into the radical ways of Christ.  It's here that we worship, build friendships, and focus on relevant topics for today's youth through God's word and have what should be an illegal amount of fun.

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Current Series

Spirit Week

If you spend any amount of time in and around the church you'll probably hear about God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. The first two get a lot of airtime but the Holy Spirit doesn't get talked about often. As a result, people often have a lot of questions regarding the Holy Spirit. Throughout the month of April we discuss not only who the Holy Spirit is but also what role the Holy Spirit plays in our life. This will be a series you won't want to miss!

Each week of this series we are going to have a different Spirit Week theme where students are encouraged to dress up and show their spirit!

April 11th/12th Theme: Neon
April 18th/19th Theme: Camo
April 25th/26th Theme: School Spirit (wear your school colors