HSM: High School Ministry

Meeting Times

Sundays: 11:15am, Event Center
Midweek: 7-9pm, Life Group Homes

High school students at Cornerstone are pursuing a deeper relationship with God. We aren't a club or a church service. The high school ministry at Cornerstone is a place to go to hear truth. The music rocks, the people are cool, and you will learn practical answers to many questions you might have about life, God, and everything in between. We hope you will see God in a real, meaningful way and better understand how you can connect with Him.

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Current Series

Let's Talk About Sex

For the month of March we are going through a series every High School student needs to hear. We want to make sure that God's viewpoint on sex is communicated clearly in a time where messages about sex are being taught through the muddled lens of teenage culture. "Let's Talk About Sex" is our way of sharing God's message about how we were created, the way in which Godly young men and women carry themselves when it comes sex and dating, and how to commit to God's plan for sex while experiencing His grace. It is our desire to see students move past the way their world defines love and come away with an understanding of what God's idea of love is. You don't want to miss this!

Feed Me!

We have a team of amazing worship/production volunteers who give their time every week to help make HSM what it is. We're looking for parent volunteers to help feed these hungry teens.

Sunday AM Team - 12 mouths to feed
Food delivered to Event Center by 8:30am

Saturday PM Team - 10 mouths to feed
Food delivered to Event Center by 5:15pm

Sign up below to help feed our worship/production volunteers.

Feed Me!

Next Generation Worship Band

Cornerstone Next Generation is the worship band in Student Ministries at Cornerstone Fellowship. We are a group of students and young adults that are passionate about the role that worship can play in connecting people to Jesus - no matter their age. We represent the next generation of worship leaders, worshipers, and creatives who want to use our abilities to bring glory to God and engage the next generation for Christ. Click here to find out more and to download their albums. 

Application for Next Gen Worship Team

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Application for Next Gen Production Team

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