HSM: High School Ministry

Meeting Times

Saturdays: 4pm, Event Center
Sundays: 11am, Event Center
Midweek: 7-9pm, Life Group Homes

High school students at Cornerstone are pursuing a deeper relationship with God. We aren't a club or a church service. The high school ministry at Cornerstone is a place to go to hear truth. The music rocks, the people are cool, and you will learn practical answers to many questions you might have about life, God, and everything in between. We hope you will see God in a real, meaningful way and better understand how you can connect with Him.

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Current Series


Throughout February, students will be controlling every aspect of our weekend services. They will be participating in and leading the teaching, worship, game, announcements, and any other aspect they decide to include on their weekend. Students' will realize their potential now as they will lead their peers and demonstrate their God given gifts and abilities. We can't wait to see how God works through you when "You Own the Weekend!"