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High School

High school students at Cornerstone are pursuing a deeper relationship with God. We hope you will see God in a real, meaningful way and better understand how you can connect with Him.


High School weekend services times...Saturday's at 5pm in Parchments or Sunday's at 11am in the Student Center

Community Groups

You can’t do life alone.

God created you to be

connected in community.

Community Groups are the perfect

place to connect with other

students and leaders who can

encourage, support and challenge

you in your walk with God. 

We meet throughout the week at

different times.


Please register your student here for a group.


We love parents! You are the greatest influence in the life of your teenager. That is why now is the greatest opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager. It is also a great opportunity for us at HSM to partner with you and cheer you on in the process. We’d love for you to meet our High School Pastor to learn more about HSM.


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