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FAQs about CF KIDS

Do you offer Baptisms?

Yes we do! Prior to scheduling a baptism, a parent/guardian should accompany the child to a Baptism Class. During the class, one of the activities is asking children share their Salvation Story by writing it out first and explaining why they would like to get baptized. Usually a child has a good understanding of these concepts and is able to communicate it by 2nd-3rd grade, but there are some rare instances when children can do that earlier. If you believe your child is old enough to understand their desire to be baptized, the next step would be to register and attend a Baptism Class. We have a class scheduled for October 2017 HERE

How old does a child need to be to be baptized?

Cornerstone does not have an official age or grade to determine if a child should be baptized. Instead, we like the child to be old enough to communicate their desire and commitment to follow Christ.  If you believe your child old enough to understand their desire to be baptized, please register and attend the next Baptism Class and we can give you feedback after the baptism class if we had any concerns. We have a class scheduled for October 2017 HERE

Do you offer programming for Special Needs Children?

Yes!  We want every child to have the opportunity to learn about Jesus and to be loved on by our fabulous volunteers.  At our Livermore Campus, we offer weekend programming for children with Special Needs.  

What are your Security Procedures?

The security and safety of CF KIDS is a top priority.  When you check your child(ren) into the CF KIDS program, your child will receive a name tag printed with a unique alpha-numeric code as well as any important allergy or health information about your child.  A security tag for parents/guardians will also print and will match the alpha-numeric code printed on your child's name tag.  This code changes each week and is randomly created.  Parents/Guardians will need to show their security tag in order to pick-up their child at the end of weekend services.

Our incredible volunteers have undergone finger-printed background checks as well as volunteer training by the CF KIDS Staff.  Our volunteers are all passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with children and dedicated to the safety and well-being of every child in the classroom.

Do you offer Community Groups for kids?

Yes but they are on currently hiatus until further notice.  At our Livermore Campus, we offer Weekend Community Groups.  These are preassigned classes for children which meet during the church's weekend services.  Weekend Community Groups are intended for children who regularly attend the same weekend service and want to be in the same class with the same leaders and children all year!  

Our desire is that kids will connect relationally. We want them to connect with friends, leaders and with Christ! In order to make disciples, we have to allow for developmental relationships to form. Giving kids and leaders an opportunity to be in the same group will give everyone a chance to connect on a deeper level.

Please note that registration for Weekend Community Groups occurs prior to the start of the school year.  Spots are limited and fill quickly. However, we have a wait list to fill any possible spot openings which occur during the school year.

Please read our Weekend Community Group FAQ's to see if a Community Group is a good fit for your child.  Community Group Registration/Wait List information is found on the FAQ page.


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