You Asked For It

 Helpful Resources by Week

If you want to take a deeper look at some of the questions we covered during this series, consider using some of these helpful resources below. 

Week 1: Why do Christians believe Christianity is the only religion that can be true?
Reason for God – Tim Keller
The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel

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Week 2: Why do bad things happen to good people?
Evil and Justice of God – NT Wright
Disappointment With God – Phillip Yancey

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Week 3: How does prayer work? Why do some prayers get answered and others don't?
Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference – Phillip Yancey
Prayer: God on Mute: Engaging Silence of Unanswered Prayers – Pete Grieg

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Week 4: How could a loving God send people to hell?
The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
Four Paradigm Shifts on Hell – Joshua Ryan Butler

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Have Questions? 

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You can also further your study after the weekend, and find helpful resources, with our Study Guide (updated weekly on Sundays).

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