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What is Cornerstone Central?
Cornerstone Central is the name of the online community for Cornerstone Fellowship. It is an internet-based software application designed to promote communication and connection within our church family.It also provides our church staff with efficient tools and systems to do effective ministry. If Cornerstone is your church home, you are welcome to join and use Cornerstone Central. When you log in, you will be able to see your own profile information, the groups you participate in, the positions you hold, your own giving record, events you might be interested in, and easily communicate with other Cornerstone attendees. You can update your profile information to make sure our records are correct, and you might also choose to complete your profile by adding a family and/or individual picture, share your passions and abilities, link to your Facebook page, add friends to your friends list, and more. We hope you enjoy the online community!

Is my information safe and private on Cornerstone Central?
While our website is public, our online community is private in that only those who have administrative privileges, those you have approved as a ‘friend,’ and those you interact with within groups you belong to can view your information. Cornerstone Central contains anyone on our mailing list, but most people you are able to look up and find are active at Cornerstone on some level. None of the information contained in Cornerstone Central will show up on any internet search engine. Additionally, anyone with a login has the ability to set and manage their own privacy settings in order to personalize whatever level of privacy they feel most comfortable with. By default, we have set our privacy settings conservatively. We take the privacy and safety of our church members very seriously.

How do I use the online community?
The best way to know what Cornerstone Central is about is to try it out! You can search and register for events, view a calendar of activities you are involved with at Cornerstone, give, ‘friend’ other users, participate in groups you belong to, sign up to volunteer, and more. We hope you will use our online community as an aid to get better connected to the life of Cornerstone!

What are the guidelines for use?
Please protect the privacy of fellow users! Violating any of the online community guidelines outlined below will result in blocked access and revocation of privileges. By becoming a user of Cornerstone Central, you agree to the following rules of use:

1. Our online community is intended for personal and ministry use. It is not for solicitation of any kind. Do not use it for business purposes or for any non-Cornerstone related ministries or groups. Do not attempt to solicit members for non-Cornerstone groups or organizations.

2. Protect the privacy of other users by not giving their phone number, address, etc., to others outside of the online community. If you would like someone’s number and they are “unlisted,” please ask them directly. Staff, leaders, and volunteers at Cornerstone cannot give out this information without prior consent, and our team is dedicated to handling private information with proper care and confidentiality. Additionally, do not add users to email lists outside of Cornerstone Central without their prior consent.

3. Do not send unnecessary or unrequested emails (e.g. jokes, stories, petitions, etc). Use Cornerstone Central with appropriate care and courtesy when sending personal communication.

4. Users who engage in discussions are not to “slam” other groups, churches, or organizations, and must always keep communications friendly and uplifting. Refrain from any negative communication that does not edify you, the church body, or those we minister to. Discussions will be monitored by appropriate group leaders and church staff.

5. Users of Cornerstone Central who become inactive at Cornerstone Fellowship, do not follow the above guidelines, and/or abuse Cornerstone Central will have their login access blocked. We ask users to inform our Cornerstone Central administrator of any problems or concerns encountered, so the issue can be addressed quickly and properly.

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